Welcome to our World!

Welcome to our Blog! You can contact us any time at landwer01@earthlink.net. We are based in Austin and Houston, Texas. Please visit our new website at http://www.onceuponadressbridal.com/.

My BFF Judy, my daughter Allie and I just love Wedding Dresses and Weddings! Weddings are just so Romantic!!  And..of course as any new Bride to Be can attest “It’s All About The Dress!”

 Well, we have such a love for the dresses and we have such a knack for finding BARGAINS..that we started buying Sample, Overstock and Once Wed (PreOwned) Designer Wedding Dresses and reselling them.  Since we are able to find such great deals, we can then pass the savings on to you!

We really needed a forum for listing all the dresses in one place, but still be able to give each dress the spotlight it deserved.. (because each dress is special and unique and deserves to shine!) and this Blog seemed to satisy that purpose.

Just click on Archive above to see the Wedding Dresses and Designers we have to offer and if you don’t find something you positively love just keep checking back because we get new dresses on a regular basis!

All our dresses are in great condition and ready to wear unless otherwise noted.

Please remember that all Wedding Dresses run two sizes larger than your regular size and all will require some kind of alterations whether you buy them online or from a Bridal Shop.

Good luck looking around..you never know..we might have just the right dress for you!

We accept PayPal and ship anywhere in the United States.  All sales are final.


2 Responses to “Welcome to our World!”

  1. Would like to look at the wedding dresses you have…….

    Where are you located? I’m in Murphy, TX



  2. We have dresses in Austin and in Houston, Texas 🙂 You can email us at landwer01@earthlink.net

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